Uplights are the best one of the most cost effective way to transform any space. We use the latest technology and use a wireless LED Uplight that can achieve nearly any color in the spectrum. Our Uplights offer a seemingly unlimited color palette, referred to as HEX, being RGBWA+UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, & UV) which offers a smooth mix of nearly any color you can imagine.



One of the latest trends for weddings and special events is the Gobo, also referred to as monogram lighting. Riamu Entertainment can project crisp, clear and detailed imagery to illuminate visual displays on walls, floors, backdrops, and almost any scenic surface through the use of crystal-sharp color filters.Riamu Entertainment offers over 1300 pre designed patterns from paisleys to names and initials. Our state of the art high quality laser etched Gobos adorn any wedding or special event with grace and style.


Stage Washing

The focus of all your general area lighting consists of a single hue, evenly balanced in level across the stage. This ensures the attention of the audience is where it needs to be- The Stage.


Pinspot Lighting

Pin spotting is a term used by professionals a spotlight a small area to highlight that particular area or decor item. Pin spotting is a great way to show off your floral arrangements, wedding cake, place card table or any other items you want to bring attention to. Riamu Entertainment’s expert lighting staff can help familiarize brides and grooms with the multitude of decor lighting options available to them for their wedding.



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