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Your Wedding or any private event is important! As the face of your event, a charismatic Emcee personifies your values and can deliver relevant messages with confidence and enthusiasm. Maintaining audience interest is the number one challenge for any event. Giving attendees a mental break and allowing them the opportunity to internalize your message is a great way for an expert master of ceremonies to provide value. Hosting an event requires a specific set of skills that differ from giving a speech or presentation. With a busy agenda, unforeseen problems are sure to arise. Riamu Emcees are prepared to quickly solve these problems calmly and with confidence. Their unique ability to quickly read a room and adjust things on the fly support your event’s success.


photo courtesy: Braja Mandala


Experience The ENVIRONMENT

Uplights are the best one of the most cost effective way to transform any space. We use the latest technology and use a wireless LED Uplight that can achieve nearly any color in the spectrum. Our Uplights offer a seemingly unlimited color palette, referred to as HEX, being RGBWA+UV LEDs (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, & UV) which offers a smooth mix of nearly any color you can imagine.


UMAIR... Everyone had a great time and really loved the music you played - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


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